Remembering the Past, Returning to Simple Kindness, A Buddhist Thrice-Yearning Memorial Service, An Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony

The Buddhist memorial ritual for the deceased is expressed through the Thrice-Yearning Memorial Service. It is a way to relieve the departed souls from sufferings and benefit the living who abides in the praying process. Similarly, in Chinese traditional culture, remembering the ancestors and the wisdom they passed on to us is expressed through the Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony. This solemn and inspiring ceremony offers the general public an opportunity to experience Chinese culture, with live performance of classical Chinese music, and rituals that invite you to experience meditative mindfulness. With an exhibition alongside, attendees can gain an understanding of Sinology and how the ancient virtues of respect, sincerity and humility can contribute to social harmony.

This event is free to attend and open to all.


Contribution of Sinology to Mankind

What is Sinology? It is the Chinese sagesˇ¦ observation and overview of the natural law and the way of human conduct. Sinology is a pluralistic education, the essence resulted from integration of history and cultures from different time periods.

Sinology teaches us to understand ourselves, Heaven, Earth and all things, and comprehend human relationships through compassionate love and wisdom. Know edge of Sinology enables us to gain insight into the profound wisdom of the sages and be prepared for the changes and uncertainties of the modern world.

The beauty of culture, the inherent virtue of humans, and the return to purity and simplicity embodied in Sinology will lead us towards appreciation the truth, goodness and beauty in our innate nature. It nurtures all things, transforms hatred to love, war to peace, and integrates the world into one family. These are the contributions of Sinology to humanity.

In conjunction with this event, an exhibition about the wisdom of Sinology will be held on site. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in exploring the treasure trove of Sinologyˇ¦s wisdom.

Music Without Borders

Music, a language that crosses borders is an expression that brings peple together most easily, and it is an indispensable part of the field of arts and culture. Through thousands of years of history, the Chinese people have accrued a rich musical heritage, and with the predominance of the pentatonic scale(Gong, Shang, Jue, Zhi, Yu), Chinese music is characterized by simplicity, harmony, subtlety, and moderation. The Chiuko Traditional Orchestra from Taiwan has a strong foundation in traditional Chinese culture supplemented by outstanding techniques. Not only does the orchestra give superb performances of traditional repertoire, but its cross-border endeavours also actively expand the variety of traditional Chinese musical styles. Let us experience the unique fusion of Eastern and Western music!