To Understand Buddhism
This question arises in all those who wish to better understand it. Buddhism is a most virtuous and perfect education directed by the Buddha towards all sentient beings in the universe. This education covers a boundless range of phenomena and principles that is much broader than what is currently studied in modern universities. In regards to time, it encompasses the past, present and future. In regards to space, it encompasses everything from our daily lives to the infinite universe.......

Buddhism is an Education, Not a Religion
According to the Webster’s Diction-ary, the definition of religion is as follows, “An organized system of beliefs, rites, and celebrations centered on a supernatural be-ing power; belief pursued with devotion.”  Buddhism is not a religion because:  First, the Buddha is not a ‘supernatural being power’.  ........

Symbolism & The Arts of Buddhism
All Buddhas symbolize our virtuous nature. All Bodhisattvas and Arhats symbolize the virtue of practice. Without the virtue of practice, the innate virtuous nature cannot be revealed. This complementary relationship is why the Buddha Table includes both Buddha and Bodhisattva images. The Buddha represents original nature and the Bodhisattvas represent the application of this nature....
Buddha & Bodhisattvas Buddha Shakyamuni Flowers Wooden Fish
Buddha Amitabha Buddhist Architecture Fruits Lamps
The Hall of Heavenly Guardians Water Happy Buddha

Taking Refuge in The Triple Jewels
Taking Refuge means to return and rely.  From where do we return from and to what do we rely upon? When we take refuge in the Buddha, we are returning from our deluded state of mind and relying upon an Awakened, Understanding mind.  When we take refuge in the Dharma, we are returning from deviant views and relying upon proper views and under-standing........

Buddhism Sutras Introduction
The Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Life Sutra of Adornment, Purity, Equality and Enlightenment of the Ma-hayana School
  Chapter 1:The Assembly of Sages Attend the Dharma Teaching
  Chapter 2:The Virtues of Samantabhadra were Followed by All
  Chapter 2:The Virtues of Samantabhadra were Followed by All (continued)
  Chapter 3:The Original Cause of the Great Teaching
  Chapter 3:The Original Cause of the Great Teaching (Continued)
  Chapter 4:The Causal Ground of Dharmakara

The Buddha Came to Our World to Teach All People to Eliminate Suffering and Attain Happiness
The Buddha’s manifestation of how an ordinary being became a Buddha
The Buddha devoted his life to teaching: he taught us to thoroughly realise the truth of life and the universe. To learn from the Buddha, we must first know who he was and what he had done in his life before we can emulate him......

The Past, Present, and Future of Buddhism
I. The original essence of Buddhism: Teaching the truth of the universe and life
II. The present mission of Buddhism: Promoting world harmony through education
III. The future revival of Buddhism: Nurturing excellent teachers........

In One Lifetime: Pure Land Buddhism
Due to Amitabha Buddha’s merits and virtues, and the goodness of all the beings there, his Pure Land has innumerable wonders and advantages, all of which arise from the great vows, deeds, and purity of all the beings there. Through his vows, Amitabha helps all beings create the causes to plant the roots of goodness. With his deeds, he creates the conditions for beings to accumulate merits. With his purity, he has created a perfect land—one that is free from anger, and intolerance. It is a land of peace, serenity, and equality. In comparison, our world is one of delusion and suffering, filled with worry.........

The Painting of the "Scenes of the Hells"
Life is short and impermanent. Our lives depend on the continuation of one single breath. Since there is life, it is inevitable that there will be death. There are lots of questions as to where we will go after we die. Are we going to the “World of Ultimate Bliss”? Or are we going to the Heavens? Or to the hells or to the realms of “Hungry Ghosts”? Or are we going to be re-incarnated as animals or human beings? Our ultimate destination will depend on the karma that we accumulate in our present live.....

Established date: 03/06/10