Speech Given at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution

"The teaching of the Great Learning is to illuminate our original virtue and wisdom, to love and care for all people and to reach unsurpassed perfection." It also said, "When sensual desires are eliminated, wisdom is achieved. When wise, the mind will be sincere. When the mind is sincere, thoughts and viewpoints will be proper. When they are proper, our behavior and speech is disciplined. With discipline, the family will be well run and the country will be well governed. Then world peace can be achieved."
The Great Learning Message from the Founding Patron

I am honour to receive an invitation from Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Hay to speak with the faculty of the School of Political Science and International Studies. After my visit, I know that they have worked tirelessly in the area of peace and conflict resolution for years, and that their wishes are the same as mine. After reading the translated version of the project report, I realised we have chances to provide meaningful support for peace. Since peace and conflict resolution is of paramount importance and must be done quickly, I have spoken with supporters sharing this
same view. I believe all holy beings have shown their support because I have now received the required amount within one month.

Hopefully, the university will establish a School of Peace and Conflict Resolution that guides people to sincerely reflect upon themselves and reform their faults. This way, the world and the hearts of all people will be pure and kind. This will eliminate the causes of natural and human-made disasters. It is the best way to attain peace and happiness for countries, societies and the world.

I see a ray of hope to our world. I deeply believe that every one of you are angels and Bodhisattvas and have dedicated yourselves to working for the benefit of the people of the world in eliminating disasters to achieve lasting world peace. I wish all determined and virtuous people would have compassion and understanding to support this momentous task of the University of Queensland to save our world.

"Those with utmost compassion can bring together all people as one family. Those with unsurpassed understanding can find peace-loving people. Those with superior wisdom can choose the most exceptional people. The greatest virtue for the compassionate person is to love people. The greatest virtue for the understanding person is to know honorable and capable people. The greatest virtue for the leader is to have virtuous and talented officials." If the leader of a nation will practice these three principles, the world will know great peace and all sentient beings will benefit.

Venerable Master Chin Kung
Professor of Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution of Queensland University

7 March 2002

Established date: 03/06/10