Venerable Master Chin Kung's Answer to the Question:
Why Make a Donation to the Jamiyah Home for the Aged?

The Buddha taught us to that we should not discriminate between other people, and us because we are all one.  We need to have kind thoughts, do good deeds, say kind words, be a decent person.  To be sincerely concerned for others, to be compassionate.  We believe, like others do, that we should love and care for people.  This is what the Buddha taught. 

We all live in the same world, have the same problems.  We all get old.  Many of us need help when we get old.  If someone is drowning, and we can swim, we don’t ask what religion, what race they are.  We do everything we can to help them.  This is why we helped the Jamiyah Home for the Aged.  We wanted to help, to foster closer rapport and friendship.  They have already done so by providing a home for the aged that is open to all races and religions. 

If all of us gave help when it was needed, our world would be peaceful and happy, and we would not have the problems we do, the wars, the disasters.  We can either choose to create problems or to solve them.  But if we don’t help, we will never solve our problems.  We can spend hundreds of US dollars on a bomb or twenty US dollars to provide for a person in a third world country for a month.  We can spend money to kill or to save lives, which one solves the problem?  War will not solve problems, giving unselfishly will.  And true giving is totally without expectation of reward.  If we expect something then it doesn’t solve the problem.  When different races and religions respect and help each other, we will finally have a peaceful and prosperous society.  This is what we hope for and this is our responsibility to create.  Buddhism is not a superstition, not a religion but a way of practicing compassion and respect in our daily lives and this is why we helped.

Established date: 03/06/10